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The insurance plans below are accepted by Halifax Health. Our hospitals, outpatient locations and physician practices welcome most insurance plans available in our market.  To ensure that your health plan allows access to care at Halifax Health and to verify any benefit exclusions, please refer to the Member Services Department of your insurance carrier and your plan coverage documents.  Your health plan can also verify what (if any) co-payments, co-insurances, and deductibles will be your responsibility. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding what insurance carriers or networks Halifax Health has entered into a contractual relationship with, please call our customer service department 386.254.4107 or 800.753.6366. For your convenience, you may also contact us via e-mail at

Important Points to Consider

Halifax Health participates with insurance products and provider networks that offer both primary and specialty care. Doctors and other healthcare providers may not accept the same insurance plans as Halifax Health and may bill separately.  Please contact your healthcare provider to determine if the health plan they participate in is a network provider or preferred provider.  Halifax Health contracts with certain physician groups that commonly provide services in our facilities.  To contact them directly, please refer to the list of Physician Services Contracts.

Primary Care

If your benefit plan requires the selection of a primary care provider (i.e. a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant), please make sure your provider participates in the product you have selected, and can refer you to Halifax Health if you need specialist care or hospitalization.

Specialty Care

Your benefit plan may require you to obtain a referral from your primary care provider in order to receive coverage for services provided by one of our specialists.

Not all services are covered. We may offer certain services that your plan does not cover. For example, some insurance contracts do not include mental health or rehabilitation services in their plans. If you have questions about your coverage, please call your insurance company to better understand how your policy works prior to receiving care.

Geographic Limitations

Your benefit plan may limit the geographic area you are permitted to receive care in. This is typically referred to as a “narrow” or “limited” network. Out of network penalties can result in significant out of pocket expense.

Respond to Plan Requests

Your health insurance carrier may request information from you, including requests for information about other health insurance coverage you may have. Please respond to those requests promptly as they must be handled before payment will be made by your health plan.

Insurance Plans Accepted at Halifax Health (Last Updated on December 9, 2022)

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