Your Hospital Stay

Planning Your Stay at Halifax Health

At Halifax Health we want our patients to be comfortable and have easy access to information. We have tried to anticipate the needs and circumstances of our patients and their families by providing as many services as possible.

Your Healthcare Team

Your healthcare team consists of highly trained professionals who work together to care for you and safeguard your well-being. Although we work as a team, each person caring for you has special knowledge and skills. Your care team will vary based on your specific needs but may include:

  • Our Physicians will work with you to determine a care plan based on your needs and desires. You can expect to see your doctor at least once a day. Sometimes a Hospitalist will care for you instead of your family doctor. A Hospitalist is physician specially trained in hospital medicine and will keep your family doctor informed of your care.

  • Our Nurses provide your hands on care and monitoring, ensures your day to day needs are met and provides education and information so you can understand your condition and treatment.

  • Our Case Managers are nurses or social workers who will help prepare for your discharge.

  • Our Certified Nursing Assistants(CNA) or Technicians will take vital signs, monitors glucose levels and help you bathe and get ready for the day, if necessary.

  • Our Respiratory Therapists will provide breathing treatments and oxygen when needed.

  • Our Physical Therapists will help with walking and exercises to build strength when needed

  • Our Occupational Therapists will assist with everyday activities.

Philosophy of Patient Care Services

The primary purpose of Patient Care Services is to provide holistic and therapeutic care to each patient/family/significant other. It is our intent to provide the highest quality of care to meet the total needs of the patient in an individualized, humanistic manner at a reasonable cost. The Patient Care Services are responsive to the changing needs of the health care industry while maintaining and supporting the hospital’s commitment to excellence in patient care. Patient rights will be represented, and an environment conducive to minimal restraint use will be fostered.

Definition of Patient Care Services

Patient Care Services are provided by those departments that have direct contact with patients and families. Support services are provided by staff and departments which may not have direct contact with patients, but support the care provided by the hands-on care giver.

Your Stay With Us

We’ll make sure your stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We offer a full range of services to support the needs of our patients and their families.

Personal Belongings

We’ll make sure to help you keep your personal items safe:

  • Please do not bring your valuables to the hospital.

  • Ask your nurse for personal-belonging bags for your clothing.

  • Please leave tobacco products at home. Tobacco-use is NOT permitted in the hospital or on hospital property. This includes electronic cigarettes.

  • Keep your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them.

  • Do not wrap dentures or hearing aids in tissue and place them on your food tray or bedside table, where they can be easily mistaken for trash. Please ask your care staff for a special container.

  • Label all containers and bags with your name and room number.

  • Please leave electrical and electronic equipment at home.

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