• Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is a structured, outpatient program for patients with heart or lung issues.  It focuses on exercise, nutritional education with a registered dietitian and support.  The cardiopulmonary program generally includes 36 sessions for three months, with three sessions per week. Patients exercise under the direction of a registered nurse and respiratory therapists. Patients are typically monitored with cardiac telemetry for the duration of the program. Exercise physiologists monitor the patients' response to exercise and adjust exercise levels regularly based on heart rate performance and the patient’s level of comfort. As the patient progresses, strength training is incorporated into their program. Once the 36 visits are completed, the patients have the ability to continue their exercise program by transitioning into Halifax Health - Wellness Center.  This gives them the ability to maintain their level of fitness under the supervision of the exercise physiologist in a safe, but more independent manner.

  • Our specialized staff will work closely with you to assess your cardiovascular fitness and develop an individualized exercise plan. The members of our staff include a registered dietitian, registered nurses and a respiratory therapist.

    The Cardiac Rehab Program is in the 201 Building on the Halifax Health Medical Center Daytona Beach campus, just south of the Fountain building. A referral from your physician and approval from your insurance plan is required.

  • We take a comprehensive approach to the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients receive an individual assessment to develop a program tailored for their wellbeing. The program offers a series of continuing education, monitored exercise programs and a team of experts consisting of:

    • Respiratory Therapists

    • Nurses

    • Exercise Physiologists

    Pulmonary Services is here to ensure that each patient, and their support system, has the maximum level of resources for heart and lung health.

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