Highest Level of Hyperbaric Medicine

This FDA-approved treatment can help with medical conditions including traumatic injuries, diabetic wounds, tissue damage and more.

  • Paul Johnson, MD is a wound physician and board-certified in family and sports medicine. He has a fellowship in Hyperbaric Medicine from LSU in Harvey, LA and is very interested in expanding the hyperbaric medicine knowledge to all in the surrounding areas.

    With the research still in process, the FDA has not approved 'Off-label' or 'experimental' hyperbaric treatments yet, but they are cutting edge and can improve one's health regarding:

    • PTSD

    • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

    • Hearing loss

    • traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

    • sports injuries

    • lupus

    • Lyme disease

    • stroke

    • Alzheimer's Dementia

    • migraine

    • reconstructive surgery

    Please note 'off-label' hyperbaric treatments may not be covered by insurance


  • Most treatments or 'dives' last between 90 - 120 minutes depending on the injury. Your physician will set up a 'dive plan' to determine how many sessions you need to meet your wound-curing goal.

    A typical patient will be prescribed multiple dives a week for four to six weeks.

  • Before you come to the Halifax Health - Advanced Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine Center, we request that you remove:

    • makeup

    • perfume or cologne

    • deodorants

    • contact lenses

    • lotions and oils

    • nail polish

    • jewelry

    • battery-operated devices

  • You will breathe 100% oxygen while lying in a comfortable hyperbaric chamber during your treatment. Most patients nap or read a book. Water will be provided during your dive and you will be monitored throughout the entire treatment. You may not eat food or chew gum during a dive.

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