What makes volunteering at Halifax Health unique?

Our volunteers are truly a special group of people, each with a specific purpose and reason for wanting to help others. Every day presents an opportunity to make a difference and Halifax Health is a wonderful place to do just that. We all take great pride in our personal contributions because we get to see firsthand how the work we do benefits every patient and their family members.

During my previous experiences volunteering at other places, I did not feel the same sense of personal connection. At Halifax Health, even the smallest things can make a big difference. From helping a visitor navigate their way around the hospital to knitting booties and hats for newborn babies, there are countless ways to make a lasting impact.

While we do not always interact with patients directly, we get great satisfaction out of knowing that we have played a part in making their visit to Halifax Health an enjoyable one. The level of support and appreciation we get from the Halifax Health nurses, physicians and staff is remarkable.

Being part of an organization that is truly committed to serving our local community is an honor. I am confident that should I ever need medical attention, Halifax Health will be there for me and deliver exceptional service from start to finish using all the latest technology.

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