April 12th, 2023
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Why Do You Exercise?

Enjoy your path to a healthier you and live your life well.

Many of us probably started this New Year with some sort of a goal like saving more money, spending more time with family or to getting fit and losing weight. If our goal was to lose weight, you may have started strong in the first few weeks with exercise plans, tedious grocery lists and plans for a new wardrobe. Then “life” gets in the way and we are too busy to spend time planning healthy meals and setting aside time for exercise.

We know being physically active helps us stay healthy so we can enjoy life. Yet, this is the first thing we remove from our to-do list. We need to ask ourselves why we want to exercise. What is it that will keep us motivated continually? Maybe you have kids you need to keep up with. Maybe you always wanted to bike long-distance but didn’t have the stamina. Maybe you have a physical ailment like high cholesterol or hypothyroidism that needs to stay in control. Or, maybe you are aging and want to fight the natural weight gain or loss of balance that comes with getting older.

Once you determine your reason, you have your motivation and can choose an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. Do you want to exercise in the morning or night, at home or in the gym, or alone or with a group? Determine if you want accountability, support from an exercise specialist, prefer a dance class or yoga. Whatever you do, begin small and work up to a steady plan. Always consult your physician if you have any concerns about a medical condition or limitations.

Enjoy your path to a healthier you and live your life well.

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