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The mission of Halifax Health – Foundation is to support state-of-the-art healthcare for present and future generations in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. By making a donation, you can help pave the way for the future of healthcare right here at Halifax Health. Every donation, big or small, has an impact. It is through philanthropy that we can continue funding lifesaving technology for all that enter our doors.

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Every Dollar Makes A Difference

The Halifax Health – Foundation financially assists and supports Halifax Health to acquire and maintain modern efficient facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and technologies. We also provide funding for continued education and training in the latest protocols and procedures for Halifax Health Team Members to enhance the general health and wellness of our community.

Large Gifts from Donors

Halifax Health has received an incredible amount of generosity from the community. A few notable gifts from donors include:

  • Halifax Health – Foundation Board of Directors

    Charlie Lydecker, Chair

    Charlene Greer, Vice Chair

    Bissy Holden, Secretary

    Matt Gable, Assistant Secretary

    Kathleen Dulko, Treasurer

    Bud Ritchey, Assistant Treasurer

    Joe Petrock – Executive Director

    Patricia Earl – Associate Director

    Halifax Health – Foundation Board Members

    Larry Bartlett, Esq.

    Mary Bennett, PhD

    Lisa Bradley

    Denise Breneman

    Eleanor Callon

    Pam Carbiener, MD

    Michelle Carter

    Stacy Cunningham

    Alex Doberstein

    Ray Donadio, Esq.

    Karen Eastman

    Cindy Evans

    Rachel Fives

    Dick Fornell

    Brent Fulton, MD

    Sherry Gailey

    Jason E. Glenn, PhD

    Chuck Grant

    Mary Greenlees

    Buck Harris

    Barbara Ann Heegan

    Nina Hosseini

    Nicole Krieger

    Dean Kurtz

    Andrew Leech

    Ninette Lewis

    Terry Lewis

    Mica Lill

    John Lindsley

    Mary Maholias

    Richard Martorano, PhD.

    Mike Mills

    Frank Molnar

    Aph Moulis

    Steve Nameth

    Bill Navara

    Bill Olivari

    Glenn Padgett, Esq.

    Carl Persis

    Desi Powell

    Jennifer Quattrochi

    Rafael Ramirez

    Cydney Reagan

    Glenn Ritchey Jr.

    Preston Root

    Budd Severino

    Edith Shelley

    Kathy Sinnett

    Greg Snell

    Jill Stephens

    Bobby Thigpen

    John Tonkins, MD

    David Turetsky, MD

    Jerome Unatin. MD

    Scott Vanacore

    Linda Webster-Dubea

    Alex White, MD

    Richard Wells

    Jamie Yeomans

    Paul Woodbine

    Bonnie Zakotnik

    Andrew Young

Halifax Health - Foundation is incorporated under Section 501 © (3) and the official gift giving agency of Halifax Health. EIN 59-2893051

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